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More Collaboration.
Higher Quality. Lower Costs.

Klabra reimagines collaboration for an always connected, global workforce. Around the corner or in another country, teams, partners and vendors can easily connect the right people with the right information and get better work done. Today. 

Anywhere, anytime and on just about any device. 

Easy to start, deploy and use. 

Flexible, scalable, secure. 

Built for your team. 

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A Smarter Way To Work Together. 

Incorporating Assisted and Augmented Reality, Klabra is an easy-to-use, secure webRTC collaboration platform connecting Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS devices with smart glasses from RealWear, Google and Vuzix.

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Mix and match smart glasses to meet all your use case needs. 


We believe that the potential for new technology to generate transformative value is substantial, but we also know that the journey to get there must begin with making it easy to get started, deliver a quick ROI and build communities across departments and into vendor and partner organizations. We built Klabra with this in mind. 

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Include Who You Need, Wherever They Are. 

Single or multi-participant sessions with up to 50 Registered & Guest Users in and up to 500 for webinars. 

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A Choice of Devices. 

Klabra already works with iOS, Windows, Android and MacOS devices and across a selection of smart glasses. We're only getting started - if you have a device you need integrated, let us know. 


Secure & Accessible from Anywhere. 

Ready for integration and scale, Klabra is built on a flexible, accessible and secure webRTC platform. 

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Smart Glass to Smart Glass. 

Share unique perspective, compare work and troubleshoot similar issues with smart glass to smart glass connection and communication. 


Session Recordings

Session recording of combined session and/or individual streams with easy downloading, sharing and file management. 

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Robust Session Management Tools

Familiar session management functionality including chat, mute, 31 language translation, breakout rooms and file and screen sharing. 

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API Integration & Expansion

Robust API for integration with operational, customer success, logistics and analytics solutions. 


Quick Start, Ongoing Support

Quick start your Klabra and roll it out across the organization with onboarding and training support from your Hodei Technology team. 

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Whether a small business, mid-size or international enterprise, Klabra can help immediately reduce expenses while simultaneously increasing quality. By expanding the reach of trained and expert staff, speeding up problem resolution, increasing supply chain visibility, delivering engaging experiences, deploying anytime training and improving collaboration across departments and organizations, Klabra helps a global workforce get more work done, together. 

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Get more done, together, with Klabra. 


Contact us to get started with Klabra today. 

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End-to-End Encryption, all Channels

Data Transport Layer Security

Secure Real-Time Protocol

User Control

Secure Signaling

Session, Account & User Security

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